Thursday, February 19, 2015

SCOM - Adding Alert Context to Emails

I don't see a lot about this out here, so I am posting.

Operations Manager notifications work pretty well. There are several community solutions out there to enhance it, but many of us still use the out of the box notifications. Over the years I have noticed people asking about adding alert context to email, but never receive any good answers. The alert context is powerful, and depending on the alert can provide a ton of data. The variables we use in email is simply xml.

For example, Alert Name: $Data[Default='Not Present']/Context/DataItem/AlertName$

Notice the slashes? Dataitem is the essentially where all of the alert context data is located. Want to see EVERYTHING in there?

Simply do this:
$Data[Default='Not Present']/Context$

It will be different properties and data for each alert, and in some cases might be empty.
However, I have found it VERY useful to append to the bottom of the emails.

If you want to take a step further and actually see the different items in alert context, use powershell.

import-module OperationsManager
$a = Get-SCOMAlert | ?{$ -like "*SOMEALERT*"} | select -first 1
#All of the data
([xml]($a.context)).dataItem | fl *
#just one property

Anyway, short and simple, hopefully it helps someone.


  1. This: $Data[Default='Not Present']/Context$

    Saved my day!
    Now I will mine the conext data to get only what I want.


  2. Hi Sir,, if i would like fetch some specific tab from alert context then how to achieve that?
    Example: We have Date time, Property id, Tile, Last updated, Details.. If i have to fetch the details only to channel. then how to do this.. pls help me.. :)